Who We Are

We are 3 brothers, third generation of a family of farmers and winemakers, together we share the love for our land and our territory.

We are in Piedmont Region, the landscape is the Monferrato Astigiano recognized as a UNESCO site since 2014 together with the wine-growing landscapes of Langhe and Roero.

We have the great advantage of having a Natural Park a few meters from our property in a beautiful context which, both from a climatic and vegetational point of view, has a Mediterranean influence deriving from the Langhe area and an Alpine influence deriving, instead, from the hilly system of Turin.

Barbera is the typical variety par excellence of our hills and Rocchetta Tanaro is one of the municipalities that has marked the history of this wine. Here, not only Barbera finds its best terroir, but also Grignolino, another native grape variety of Monferrato, a cultivar that offers wines that are anything but predictable, a product that we care a lot about and want to make rediscover.

By necessity, but mostly by vocation, all the operations in the vineyard are carried out by hand. The steep terrain keeps the large machines away from the vines, this has allowed us to get to know inch by inch the clods that populate the rows of vines and to get in perfect harmony with our plants and our land, with all the effort required for quality.

We practice a green and sustainable agriculture, always respecting biodiversity. Every year we sow between the lines of our vineyards and orchards flower essences to introduce pollinators and other useful insects, and leguminous to enrich our soil with organic matter, without the use of chemical fertilizers.

Our farm is 35km from Alba, 15km from Asti and 15km from Nizza Monferrato.